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Online Contract for Services


Thank you for choosing Swiss Security Solutions LLC.

Please send us the Data which are relevant for your investigative & intelligence case and spoken with your Single Point of Contact. Any additional information would be a plus but it is not mandatory. Data contained within social networks, on the internet, in E-Mail and Mobilephone SIGINT may assist the private investigator's team in gathering timely information in furtherance of crime prevention, crime investigation, and private/civil investigation, including suspected activity.

Your case history and case data are secure and private. The subject of the investigative & intelligence work will NOT be notified about your interests and investigation.

We are Swiss FADP, EU GDPR, UK Data Protection Act, and USA federal privacy and data protection regulations compliant private investigators office.  Swiss FADP and Swiss data protection regulations have precedence over other laws and regulations.  

Thank you. We have received your Data.

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