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Welcome, to the Best Swiss Detective Agency & Private Investigator Office in Switzerland

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We can help with the Problem you can not share with anybody else

[Confidential, Reliable, Professional Investigators]


Swiss Security Solutions LLC - The head office is located in Zürich, Switzerland. We have 220+ years of know-how, 85+ years of combined management experience, working in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, EU, UK, EMEA, and globally in 193 countries. We are authorized by the security department of state.


Investigations & Intelligence

Swiss Security Solutions GmbH

Schaffhauserstrasse 550.

CH-8050 Zürich

+41 44 586 60 33 


Our Mission, Vision, and Values to be efficient, professional, and trustworthy, make us a premier company to partner with. When you find yourself in need of the services of reliable investigators, we are here to help you. We are equipped to manage all types of investigations, from small inquiries to large-scale operations. Our investigators can assist you with a variety of problems. Make sure we'll help you find the answers you need, we are here for your peace of mind. Our employees and investigators are motivated to reach the highest goals while being held accountable for the highest possible level of service and solutions. We are providing Premium Swiss Quality Services, defined by Swiss laws and regulations.

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Which Services
and Solutions
we provide?


Background Checks, Skip Tracing, Finding Debtors, Research & e-Research Solutions, Enhanced Due Diligence, Fraud Investigations, Scam Checks, Asset Tracing, Surveillance Investigations, Business Checks, Process Serving, AML & KYC Compliance, and many more. Just ask us.

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Services and Solutions
we provide for
Businesses, Family Offices & Other Organizations include
but are Not limited to

  • Finding Debtors who owns company money

  • Investment and Broker Fraud Investigations

  • Online & Offline Fraud Investigations

  • Financial and Address Investigations

  • Checking the Legitimacy of Claims

  • Investigating Dishonest Business Associates

  • Forensic Retrieving of valuable Business Data

  • Corruption Investigations, AML, KYC

  • Support for Internal Investigation up to C-Level 

  • Staff Vetting, Background Checks new employees

  • Process Serving of Legal Documents

  • and many more, just aks us.-

Private Detective Agency Private Investigator Switzerland Swiss Detective Agency

Data Privacy,

Private Detective Switzerland is a Data Protection and Data Privacy compliant with Swiss FADP, EU GDPR, UK Data Privacy Law, and US Data Privacy regulations. Our agents uphold Data Privacy and Data Protection as a part of the professional secrecy. 

If you feel more comfortable, we may sign Confidentiality-NDA.

Just ask us.

London, United Kingdom

Moscow, Russia

Athens, Greece

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Canberra, Australia

Berlin, Germany

St. Petesburg, Russia

Nikosia, Cyprus

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Vienna, Austria

Stockholm, Sweden

Bucharest, Romania

Doha, Qatar

San Francisco, CA, USA

Barcelona, Spain

Oslo, Norway

Minsk, Belarus

Riyadah, Saudi Arabia

New York City, NY,USA

Winterthur, Switzerland

Milan, Italy

Helsinki, Finland

Bratislava, Slovakia

Singapore, Singapore

Washington, D.C., USA

Luzern, Switzerland

Brussels, Belgium

Lisbon, Portugal

Dublin, Ireland

Kuwait-City, Kuwait

Mexico-City, Mexico

Lausanne, Switzerland

Belgrade, Serbia

Istanbul, Turkey

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Hong Kong

Ottawa, Canada

Zug, Switzerland

Zagreb, Croatia

Paris, France


Monaco, Monaco

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Chur, Switzerland

Sarajevo, Bosnia

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Rome, Italy

Prague, Czech Republik

Beijing, China

Lugano, Switzerland

Podgorica, Montenegro

Kopenhagen, Denmark

Banja Luka, R. Srpska

Manama, Bahrain

Tokyo, Japan

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