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Security Services
Security Guard, Protection Services, Mobile Patrols (24/7)








Security Services

Swiss Security Solutions GmbH

Schaffhauserstrasse 550.

CH-8050 Zürich

+41 44 586 60 33 

Swiss Security Solutions offers you competent and reliable Swiss Quality security solutions both in the area of corporate / entrepreneur security services and in the area of security services for private individuals. Our many years of extensive management and practical experience, our willingness to innovate, and our use of the latest technology have made us a team of specialists in the field of security services. 
Swiss Security Solutions offers the following customized security services:
- Corporate Security Services
- Area, property and plant security and logistic services
- Precinct and patrol services incl. locking and opening rounds
- Building patrols, interior and exterior checks, personal checks
- Alarm and intervention services 
- Order services (OD), access control (ZUKO)
- Control services, supervisory services, tradesman supervision 
- Parking controls, parking management and car park management
- Personal protection (Executive and Close Protection Services)
- Event services, event security, school festival security
- Operation of security centres, facility monitoring
- Retail Security & Loss Prevention
- Transport security, move security
- Ticket controls, cash desk services,  
- Private police-like activities, assistance services for authorities
- Traffic diversions and traffic management on private property
- Visitor guidance services and visitor assistance services
- Fire watch (Fireguard)

The organization of the security services is based on security tactical requirements, taking into account business management aspects. Together with the Chief Security Officer (CSO), the members of the Executive Board form the security executive committee. This committee recognizes moments that pose a risk to security and then decides, in consultation with the client, on the further security procedure.
The assessment of the security risk is based, among other things, on the crime situation in the area of the protected object. On the one hand, this can be achieved by evaluating police crime statistics. On the other hand, this information is always a summary of past events, so that it is advisable to obtain current information from the criminal police advice centres and then evaluate this information on a property-specific or customer-specific basis and combine it with the other factors. Finally, previous customer experience should be included in the assessment of the security risk.

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