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Security Aspects of Mark Zuckerberg 65 times "I do not know"

Interviews with Mark Zuckerberg are rare. Last week, the Meta CEO visited Joe Rogan on the world's most listened-to podcast. The conversation lasted three hours. An eye-opener from a survivor.

Sixty-five. I counted. Sixty-five times during his three-hour interview with Joe Rogan, Mark Zuckerberg (CEO Meta inc.) said the phrase "I don't know." This astonishing cluelessness sums up the broad strokes of the conversation.

The only real news was probably the reason for Zuckerberg's visit to Rogan: he announced a new virtual reality headset right at the beginning, which is to be released in October. The biggest innovation is a new face tracking system that can recognize eye movements and facial expressions. According to Zuckerberg, this will allow you to have virtual meetings with eye contact in the future. And when you smile, your avatar in the Metaverse smiles too. More details are not yet officially known.

What are the Security aspects of his 65 times, "I do not know"? Very simple, it is not that he does not know something, it is that his answer or his answers could be found tricky or misinterpreted by the listeners and media. It is a precautions security measure to say "I do not know", mostly recommended by corporate legal department.

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