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Debtor Asset Tracing - Private Investigator Switzerland

Debtor Asset Tracing - Private Investigator Switzerland
Debtor Asset Tracing - Private Investigator Switzerland

Very often, if you are faced with chasing debts, you’ll question if it’s worth taking action or writing the debt off. By using debtor and asset tracing services you’ll be able to make an informed choice on whether it is commercially viable to pursue a debt. Based on a report outlining the debtors financial position you can decide the most suitable action to take to make sure your debt is repaid. Our asset tracing entails a thorough gathering of information, including internal accounting records, company documentation and external information about relationships and background of debtor’s representatives and third parties.

What about enforcement? Enforcement is when you make the defendant pay the amount stipulated in the judgment. But what if the defendant is bankrupt or insolvent? If there’s no cash, where is the money coming from?

Swiss Security Solutions - Private Investigator Switzerland can also be used to find hidden assets. It’s increasingly common for reluctant debtors to try and protect their assets by trying them up in other companies or shipping them abroad. But with Global Investigations, they won’t stay hidden for long. We can use sophisticated software and techniques to track and trace hidden assets in the Switzerland and overseas.

Swiss & Global Investigations Department can provide you a clear and complete picture of your debtor, giving you full confidence when you decide to initiate court proceedings that you will be able to recover your debt. Our insolvency support involves investigation of financial crimes in the debtor’s operations, tracing of the debtor’s assets, obtaining evidence of asset stripping and helping clients with asset recovery.

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