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Find Person Switzerland - Top Swiss & D-A-CH Investigative Webservice

Find Person Switzerland
Find Person Switzerland -

Do you need an Address of the Debtor, Scammer, Fraudster, Lost Family Member, Old Friend, Missing Girlfriend, Business Partner or Schoolmate? You have tried on White Pages, Google and Facebook - but no result?

We understand that because of the high Swiss data privacy and people in Switzerland have this possibility to hide themselves, but not from us.

Do you have the right to know the address of the person in Switzerland and to conduct people search in Switzerland? The right to know is based on Swiss Data Protection Law and Swiss Data Privacy Regulations. Our Team will receive your request and process by the Law, only unlawful requests are going to be denied. Unlawful requests are using of this service or any search results for unlawful purposes, such as: discrimination, stalking, harassment, locating celebrities or Swiss public officials, making decisions that negatively impact someone’s financial or economic status, restricting someone’s eligibility for housing, social benefits, employment, insurance, or personal credit.

Who are Customers of Find Person Switzerland?

Their global and worldwide customers with right to know are e.g. victims of fraud or online scam, creditors, investors, angel investors, business partners, family members of deceased persons, pregnant woman searching address of the father of the child, old friends, private investigators, private detective agencies, law firms etc.

Find Person Switzerland as a webservice is not providing address verification services on site, they provide only address finding services from specialized sources and registries. The data and records used to help Find Person Switzerland to find people in Switzerland and Liechtenstein originate from specialized and official sources and registries. Customer searches are secured with a 256-bit encrypted connection. They are dedicated to Customer Privacy, and they are not alerting the person Customer has searched.

The 30% of the requests can be answered within 48h, and 65% are processed within 1 week (7 days). Depending on the area population it may take up to 3 weeks, or in exceptional cases even longer, to find the address of the person. Find Person Switzerland can not accelerate this process, because their online service sometimes is depending on the response of the nationwide registration offices. Unlawful requests are going to be refunded to 80% and not processed.

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