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Fraud Warning - Fake Money Lucky Game in Switzerland

According to a citizen from Switzerland, a woman called Manuela Keiser called him with the phone number +41 33 533 36 XX (Bern, Switzerland), possibly some lower-level call centre phone number or Skype phone number. She said to him that he won CHF 30 000.- but he has to pay the fee of CHF 1 900.- with an iTunes card.

"After they receive the Fee of CHF 1 900.- with an iTunes card, the company Swiss Security Solutions LLC from Zürich, Switzerland will pay the CHF 30 000.-" This statement is not true, and the whole process is fake, scam, and fraud. We do not have any kind of contract with anyone to pay out any kind of lucky game-winning in cash or money transfer.

Please do not pay anything to fraudsters and report such incidents to local police in Switzerland or your country and send us any information to publish it here and on our networks, to prevent fraud and scams.

This message will be posted today on our social media also.

Thank you for your attention.

Swiss Security Solutions LLC
Executive Board

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