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Defence Solutions

Swiss Defence Solutions for Governments, Police,  Army, Intelligence and Special Forces

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Defence Solutions

Swiss Security Solutions GmbH

Schaffhauserstrasse 550.

CH-8050 Zürich

+41 44 586 60 33 

With seven decades of defence solutions experience, our Defence Solutions Experts have a deep understanding of integrated defence solutions and the need to provide a holistic approach. Today, the countries, governments and leaders need to provide maximum security and safety around the clock whilst constantly evolving with the threats. They need to have the capabilities to predict and mitigate risks and threats and implement a swift response to them. Swiss Security Solutions is a leading provider of Defence Solutions, which integrate a wide range of technologies for governments, homeland security, police, intelligence and special units in the defence sector. Our experience, know-how and flexibility allow us to build customised solutions for each individual client, addressing their specific threats and operational needs, time constraints and budgetary requirements. Our defence solutions experts take care of planning and execution, including post-delivery, ongoing training and management support to ensure the success of each individual project.  Some of our Smart Defence Solutions are:

- Public Safety Solutions e.g. Anti-Drone Systems, Safe City Observation Systems, National Traffic Management, Disaster Management, Public Security and Safety Concepts.

- Police Modernisation - our country scaling concept enables countries to raise their position on the global ranking index, simultaneously guaranteeing security, safety and stability within the state and the government. Our experts will help you to establish a robust national Law Enforcement body, building, developing and improving the core capabilities to create a high-quality police force, equipped with the latest technologies, equipment and operational capabilities in accordance with international standards. 

- Border Protection Solutions e.g. Early Warning Detection, Mobile Security Units, Border Surveillance Solutions, Aerial Surveillance Sytems and Solutions, Electronic Warfare Center with cyber capabilities. 

- Intelligence Equipment and Training e.g. Strategic & Tactical Interception (GSM, SatCom, Wi-Fi), Target Profiling, Cyber UAVs, Surveillance Balloon Observation System (SBOS), Cyber Defence Services, DarkNet Monitoring, WEBINT, OSINT, Social Network Monitoring, Safe City Observation Solutions, Smart Cellular Jamming Solutions, RF Signal and Spectrum Analyser, Laser-Audio Surveillance System, Cellphone Decoder, Portable Satelite Image System, Encrypted Telephone.

- Forensic and Digital Forensic Services

We are delivering swiss premium defence solutions, integrating next-generation technology with existing systems to ensure you are prepared to face any event or incident and more importantly maintain public security and safety. With us you can find the best Defence Solution that is right for you, your office, your unit or your country.


Please leave your details on the Contact Us page and we will get back to you soon.

Note: Some of the Systems and Software have to be export-approved by the Swiss Federal Arms Control Office (

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