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Safe Online Dating & Safe Physical Dating Investigations from Swiss Detective Agency

Safe Online Dating or Safe Cyber-Dating are top questions today for Tinder, Badoo, Match, Bumble, OkCupid, Snapchat, Facebook Online-Dating-Service, and other dating websites or dates applications users. We as a Swiss detective agency are investigating for you who is behind the online profile, what are his intentions and to prevent online fraud, crime or human trafficking crimes. 

There are few facts you should know about Online Dating or Cyber-Dating:

- People need average 527 messages to real physical date;

- UNODC and FBI Internet Crime Center have issued a Global Warning that, human traffickers are using the popular online platforms (not only dating platforms) to recruit victims, future sex slaves

- The goal of many users it to have casual sex, and not to have a stable relationship;

- There are 50% of w/m students who are using online dating or cyber-dating to hookup;

- Online dating applications or mobile dating applications are the most used means for the online dating or cyber-dating;

- Safe casual dating scam or Online Romance Scam is a theme of every real dating app user;

- In Switzerland women have average CHF 10K loss due Online Romance Scams and men CHF 100K average loss.

- Globally there are women with USD 200K loss due Online Romance Scam and men with loss more than USD 1M.

- In USA 21000 people per year have over USD 148M loss due Online Romance Scam. 

Online romance scammers work individually and in teams, often creating fake profiles using real people’s photographs in order to form close (if internet-based) relationships with unsuspecting victims, whom they eventually ask for money — because they’re overseas in the military, construction managers, security services, because they’re sick, because they’re trying to buy plane tickets home, etc. Given victims’ presumed complicity in these scams (because, technically, their money is given voluntarily), and the resulting stigma.

Swiss Security Solutions can help you to have Safe Online Date - Safe Cyber-Date and later Safe Physical Date. We have helped to parents to be sure who is the man behind online dating profile of underage children.

Our private and cyber investigator team can:

1) Check the Digital Points of your online partner;

2) Check who is your partner in real world vs. cyber world;

3) Background Check on the online partner (Married, Debts, Address...);

4) Give you a report on your online partner containing 10 - 1000 pages and Cyber Network Graph.

We are always just a phone call or E-Mail / text message away. Our Management has a collective 65 years of industry experience and will suggest a plan and solution for you today! Contact Us!

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