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Warning against fraudulent Calls and fraudulent Emails - Disclaimer

Swiss Security Solutions LLC is one more pushed by fraudsters and criminal groups, same as that was with Swiss National Bank to issue and publish our Disclaimer on Emails and Calls, as we have evidence that our company name and company logo are used by fraudsters and criminals for committing a fraud and scam. We have seen the Statements of people who lost more than USD 500k in such fraud and scam.

Time and again, the name, lettering and address of the Swiss Security Solutions LLC are wrongfully used in connection with fraudulent emails and calls.

In many cases, fraudulent emails or caller ask for prepayment of a fee or disclosure of personal data (address, date of birth, bank connection, telephone or fax number, etc.) or access to PC, Laptop or Tablet or Crypto Wallet, as the prerequisite for payment of the sum concerned. Contact with the defrauder generally breaks off as soon as the fee has been paid or the data disclosed.

The Swiss Security Solutions LLC urgently warns against money transfers or the disclosure of personal data to anybody, or giving access to PC, Laptop or Tablet or Crypto Wallet, purporting to represent the Swiss Security Solutions LLC and/or to maintain a business relationship with the Swiss Security Solutions LLC.

Here are some examples:

1) First Fraud/Scam Example - Blockchain & Crypto Fraud Cases

2) Second Fraud/Scam Example - Fake Certificate of Deposit of Consignment Cases

3) Third Fraud/Scam Example - Payment from Money Lucky Game Cases

The Swiss Security Solutions LLC recommends anyone who feels that they have become a victim of fraud to contact the relevant criminal authority.

Thank you for your Attention.

Executive Board

Swiss Security Solutions LLC

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