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Belgrade, Serbo-Croatian Beograd is a White Fortress is a Serbian city in Europe with 1 660 000 inhabitants. Belgrade is not only one of the oldest cities in Europe but it also has one of the most tumultuous histories of the Continent, due to its strategic and coveted position, at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, a crucial point between the East and the West, often the target of expansive campaigns and wars. The first human settlements on Belgrade area date back 7000 years ago but it was around 4000 BC that Vinča cultures stretched over an area by size and population larger than the territory of any other Neolithic group in Europe. Moreover researches claim that the prehistoric Vinča signs are one of earliest forms of alphabet. In the last few years, since 2020, Belgrade is a centre for East Europe, many centers are here e.g. CIA Center, FBI Center, as well as economic and other cultural and investment centers. 


Swiss Security Solutions Head office is located in Zürich, Switzerland. We have 220+ years of know-how, we are globally operating, and we are authorized by the security department of the state. We were on cases worth more than USD 45 Billion.

Swiss Security Solutions specializes in investigating investment fraud, identity theft, financial statement fraud, asset misappropriation, romance fraud, skimming of cash, misuse of company assets, theft of intellectual property and trade secrets and healthcare, insurance, and banking. Our services and solutions also include background checks, locating a missing person, infidelity and cheating spouse, prenuptial matrimonial agreements, online brand fraud, banking fraud, corporate intelligence, communications interceptions, phone and laptop monitoring, vehicle tracking, surveillance and observation, forensic services and digital forensic services.

In private and civil law, there is no state investigative authority. For this reason, the Swiss Security Solutions investigation service acts within the framework of the legal possibilities. By gathering information, facts can be clarified and legal disputes can be conducted or it is a matter of clarifying a criminal offence or personal problems. For this sensitive area of trust, we have the appropriate expertise and of course the necessary legal understanding.

Do you have an urgent situation but are not sure about the next step? Is the situation complex but requires immediate action....and yet no one can know you have a professional working for you? Do you need an answer soon, or even right now?  Have you come to a dead end on your Google and Facebook searches? We access an information database that is unrivalled and a favourite of both retired Law Enforcement Officers and Federal Agents. A Discreet investigator interviews you until he has the entire picture and understands your situation completely before taking the necessary steps to resolve it quickly. If you’re looking for experienced eyes and ears at an affordable price you’ve come to the right place.

An appropriate risk assessment on ethical risks, personal risks, operational risks, and the risks of collateral intrusion is going to be conducted and where the risks are significant, appropriate measures will be in place to minimize the risks. Our company generally will not take cases where we know we cannot do anything at all to help the client! Some reasons why our company may refuse to take specific cases are based on the specifics of the case itself. For example, there may be issues that make it difficult to prove that the facts are as the client alleges. In the private investigation, it is more about what someone can prove than what he or she knows to be true.


We are always just a phone call or E-Mail / text message away. Our Management has a collective 85+ years of industry experience and will suggest a plan and solution for you today!

To schedule, a free consultation with our Global & Swiss office on any type of investigation or case, please fill out the contact form on the Webpage Contact Us

The free consultation means that we will sit down with you, hear about your issue/problem, and give you some initial thoughts about it with the contract proposal at no charge or obligation to you.  

For more information on our Swiss and International Operations Branches visit Investigation & Intelligence Services.


Investigations & Intelligence

Swiss Security Solutions LLC

Schaffhauserstrasse 550.

CH-8050 Zürich

+41 44 586 60 33 

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